Bezverkhni and Berlinsky Seminar

Mikhail Bezverkhni and Dmitri Berlinsky Seminar

Wednesday, August 2nd — Saturday, August 5th, 2017

Mikhail Bezverkhni-(Winner of six international competitions with Grand Prix at the Queen Elizabeth Competitions)

Dmitri Berlinsky– Winner of Paganini, Montreal,  Tchaikovsky and Queen Elizabeth Competitions, and Professor of Michigan State University.


Note:  This program is open to both students who have ALREADY APPLIED as well as NEW applicants.


The Legacy of Russian Violin School Tradition, presented by Mikhail Bezverkhni and Dmitri Berlinsky, is a 3 day seminar. See the details below:

Part One:
Technical key elements: body position and importance of physical freedom; left hand technique with emphasis on intonation, shifts, vibrato, flexibility. Bow movement, bow changes exercises, continues sound and importance of bow distribution and both hands coordination.

Part Two:
The art of practicing. Learning how to be the most productive and creative without wasting the time and energy.

Part Three:
Becoming an Artist: Putting your mind and soul in the interpretation of composer’s intentions and finding right tools to express it: timing, phrasings, fingerings, bowings, different tone quality and voicing.


Dates: Wednesday, August 2rd – Saturday, August 5th

Tuition: $400*

*This program is not eligible for Financial Aid/Scholarship

Room & Board (not required): $330 for 3 nights ($110 per night)

  • Check in is 12-5pm on Wednesday 8/2
  • Check out is 12-5pm on Saturday 8/5
  • Meals included – 8/2 dinner, 8/3 & 8/4 breakfast lunch and dinner, 8/5 lunch and breakfast
  • * other arrangements or extending your stay, please contact


APPLICATION FORM   — ​** for instrument – select violin AND select OTHER – and write in Bezverkhni Workshop.​**

Please indicate if you want to add this to your Full Program or just want to attend for the 3 days.

If you have already applied and are interested in attending this seminar, please email  to make arrangements.