Cello Seminar Two Weeks


Second & Third Weeks 7/29 – 8/12/18


Tuition: $2, 000                                     Room & Board: $1,600


Daily classes focusing on specific and important topics for cellists to progress in development and mastery. Special attention on individual performance in a master class format. Emphasis on developing a strong technical foundation based on proper posture and efficient movement.

Topics include:

  • Focus on techniques from basic skills (scales, arpeggios) to complex (various levels of etudes)
  • Develop solo and unaccompanied works for performance
  • Explore the role of the cello



Combine First Week Seminar with Second & Third Weeks Seminar for Full Three-Week Program

Tuition: $2,900                                     Room & Board: $2,350


Note: Seminars are subject to enrollment


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