Festival FAQ

Festival FAQ



The festival will be held at Manhattanville College, 2900 Purchase St., Purchase, NY 10577.

Driving Directions

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First Week Intensive Seminar:

  • check in SUNDAY 7/24/16 12noon-5pm
  • check out SUNDAY 7/31/16 8am – 12noon

Two Week Programs (Individual, Aaron Rosand, Double Bass)

  • check in SUNDAY 7/31/16 12noon-5pm
  • check out SUNDAY 8/14/16 8am – 12noon

Three Week Programs (First Week Intensive & 2 week Individual or Aaron Rosand program)

  • check in SUNDAY 7/24/16 12noon-5pm
  • check out SUNDAY 8/14/16 8am – 12noon


ORIENTATION MEETINGS: The orientation meeting for all students and staff will be held on 7/24/16 for those arriving for the 1st week intensive or for a 3 week program and on 7/31/16 for all students at 5:30 pm in the Berman Student Center Theater.


PROGRAM SCHEDULE: The daily schedule, although individualized, will begin at 9:00am and end at 5:00pm Monday through Saturday (regular class schedules will be held on Saturdays and Sundays). You will be required to attend some of the evening events as well as performing some of the evenings and weekends. You will get the details of your schedule at the orientation meeting and it is your responsibility to check all the announcements on the bulletin boards in the Student Center. Day students under 18 – You will need to sign in with the Junior Division Counselor located in the Student Center each day and you will need to sign out with the same counselor upon dismissal.


Day Students –Students commuting to the campus for the day may pay cash for meals at the cafeteria. There is a Pub located on the 1st floor of Benziger Hall where you can purchase sandwiches, snacks, and beverages. There are no lockers available and each student is responsible for their own belongings.


Boarding Students – Each student boarding on the campus will receive an ID swipe card and will need to present this to the Cafeteria’s cashier for each mealYour first meal will be dinner on the day of your arrival and your last meal will be breakfast the day of your departure. All those BOARDING on Campus must BRING $300 for the KEY DEPOSIT (cash or check – returned at check out).


ACCOMMODATIONS: Dormitory rooms for all students and guests are primarily located in Founders Hall. This is a college dormitory with rooms ranging in capacity from singles to four-person quads. Founders’ bathrooms are shared between two adjoining rooms. Room assignments are made at the discretion of the Summit Music Festival based on capacity and supervisory requirements. Each person will have a bed, mattress, desk, chair and either a dresser or a closet. The dormitory is not air conditioned and you are not allowed to install air conditioners (see the Rules & Policies). You may bring a small fan or rent a fan from the SMF office. There is no cooking allowed in the rooms – there is a communal kitchen in each residence hall which is available but it must be used under supervision of a Resident Assistant.


LINENS: You will be provided with a set of sheets, a pillow, pillow case, blanket, towel and washcloth. You are welcome to bring additional linens for your personal use. The mattresses are plastic covered and we recommend you bring a mattress cover or large towel to make you more comfortable on hot nights. You will be able to exchange your set of linens for a clean set each week. Details provided at check in.


LAUNDRY: There is a laundry room in each residence hall available for your use. You may use change or purchase a vending card in the cafeteria building to pay for laundry.


PRACTICE ROOMS: Practice rooms are shared with 4-5 other students, depending on enrollment and space available. These practice rooms will be assigned and the students need to work out a schedule for using the space. Please do not use other practice rooms without the permission of the Practice Room Coordinator. All students using those rooms must clean up and leave no personal belongings behind. Please note that all pianos are rented and must be returned in pristine condition – DO NOT PUT ANYTHING ON THE PIANOS – this includes drinks, food, instrument cases, cell phones, notebooks, jackets, you name it don’t put it on the piano.


US MONEY: There is NO EXCHANGE facility to exchange foreign money to US money. Please bring extra US money with you to the campus. You will be required to pay for any other incidental expenses (laundry, etc.) in US dollars. There are ATM machines on campus located in Benziger Hall.


STRING STUDENTS: All string students are expected to participate in orchestra. You must attend the first rehearsal. Mr. Krieger is the only one authorized to excuse a student from orchestra.


CLICK HERE for all rules and policies for the 2016 festival.