Cello Intensive Seminar

Cello Intensive Seminar*


Coordinated by Jeffrey Solow,with other distinguished Cello Faculty



Students will have opportunities to perform repertoire in all of the cello classes plus the topics listed below:


July 31Aug.1Aug.10Aug.11

Jeffrey Solow: shifting and glissandi, vibrato, choosing bowings and fingerings, effective practicing, urtext editions vs. performance editions, and other cellistic topics

Aug. 4Aug. 8

Arkady Orlovsky: approaches to different styles in cello solo performance – especially the romantic; preparing for orchestral auditions

Aug. 2Aug. 3

Emanuel Gruber: Bach Suites – interpretation and performance issues; Sound production – power, projection, and tone quality

Aug. 7

Fred Sherry: “A Grand Tour of Technique” an overview of his new technique book which is due out in September

Aug. 9

Amit Peled: all subjects and styles are welcome for discussion plus his scale/exercise method “The First Hour”



Tuition: $2,000

Room & Board: $1,650


 Note: Students entitled to the 4 lessons with the teacher of their choice

  *Minimum Enrollment is 10 (Ten) Participants.

  If less, program may be diminished or cancelled.


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