Piano Intensive Seminar

Piano Intensive Seminar*


Coordinated by Phillip Kawin

Includes all of the Individual Program 


Plus: Daily 2 hour classes and occasional morning classes on technique


This comprehensive seminar will focus on elements of various musical styles, as well as specific approaches to creative tone production, instrumental voicing, pianistic touches, sophisticated approaches to pedaling, and cultivating a wide coloristic tonal palette. Participants will work to develop their pianistic skills on all levels, learn innovative concepts of practicing, and be exposed to a thorough grounding of basic fundamental principles. This will open new possibilities toward their understanding of musical language and enhance their interpretation. Participants are advised to prepare specific repertoire and apply these concepts covered between the sessions toward a variety of musical contexts. Careful attention and guidance will be given to each individual participant and his/her progress will be followed during the course of the seminar.


The first week will consist of intensive masterclasses with distinguished artists Pavel Nersessian and Phillip Kawin. The second week will be a follow-up of the material presented during the first week and will include the following artists:

  • Vadim Monastyrski: Sound production and performance style in the music of Chopin, Liszt and Prokofiev
  • Ilya Itin: Interpretation of French and Russian music
  • Mathew Cameron: Romantic music – how to best approach Liszt, Chopin études, and other works most effectively


Note: Students entitled to the 4 lessons with the teacher of their choice


 Tuition: $2,000

 Room & Board: $1,650


*Minimum Enrollment is 10 (Ten) Participants.

If Less, Program May be Diminished or Cancelled.


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