Program Details




The daily schedule, although individualized, will begin at 9:00am and end at 5:00pm Monday through Saturday (no classes on Sunday August 6th).

The schedule and how the festival works will be explained at the orientation meeting.  Each Student will see the details of their schedule by looking at the Bulletin Boards in the Berman Student Center Lobby.  It is the student’s responsibility to check the bulletin board several times a day for schedule updates and sign ups – masterclasses, gala concerts, etc.  It can be a bit overwhelming the first day but the students start to settle in to the Festival atmosphere.


Specific Program Details:

  • Aaron Rosand Intensive Violin program is scheduled by Christina Khimm, Director and will post those schedules in the Berman Center.  Any questions regarding the Rosand program should be directly discussed with Ms. Khimm.


  • Violin Comprehensive Program (Danchenko & Greenberg) – will meet daily from 2 to 4pm.  Please Note:  All students enrolled in this program should bring Flesch and Galamian Scale books (If they have them).  Ysaye Scales will be provided.  Students should prepare etudes, Bach or any other unaccompanied work, concerto movements, sonatas, short pieces, and orchestra audition material for this program,. Everyone will perform in class. Everyone will be an active participant. All students will be at different levels and that should not matter.


  • Cello Intensive Seminar – will meet daily 2 to 4pm and more information will be provided at the orientation meeting and the first class.


  • Piano Intensive Seminar –  will meet daily 2 to 4pm and more information will be provided at the orientation meeting and the first class.


  • Double Bass Program – will meet two times per week with Eugene Levinson for 3 hours per day.  Additional information will be provided by Mr. Levinson at the first class.


  • Strings Workshop (Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass) will be held 3 times per week and more information will be provided at the orientation.


  • Cello Workshop – Bongshin Ko – schedule to be determined.  More information will be provided at the orienation meeting.


  1. Festival Orchestra, Conducted by Yoram Youngerman, will meet daily for 1/2 hours (probably morning) and performs Saturday August 12th.  Repertoire will be available at the first rehearsal.
  2. Chamber Orchestra meets every day (probably afternoons) for 1 1/2 hours and performs Friday August 11th


  • Chamber Music – has 3 scheduled sessions with a coach per week, the group then decides on a rehearsal schedule.  The coaching sessions will be posted and announced at the Orientation Meeting The chamber Music groups perform on either Friday 8/11 or Saturday 8/12 – when and where you perform is determined by the Program Director.


  • Private Lessons – these are scheduled by the Program Director and Professors are assigned to various Teaching Studios.  Please check the bulletin board for any changes or updates.  If you have a schedule conflict regarding the lessons, it is the student’’ responsiblity to resolve the conflict with the teacher directly.  If that is not possible, please follow up with Massimiliano Mainolfi.



Students in INDIVIDUAL PROGRAM get ONE master class included in the  tuition. They can request a class and the Directors select the students for each class.  Please note you may not get your first choice.  Additional classes may be added based on demand and teacher availability and subject to additional fees. (Students enrolled in the Seminar programs must pay for any additional master classes outside of their program.)



Parents and guests are welcome to observe any of the classes.  Private lessons are closed to guests,  so the parent needs to negotiate with the teacher directly for permission to sit in the lesson.



There is usually only ONE AUDITION early on in the festival. Students must sign up listing name instrument and piece. The audition is unaccompanied. The Artistic Director selects the performers for the upcoming student concerts.



Eligible students are those who are enrolled in a full two week program and are there for the entire duration and are full participants – participate in orchestra (if applicable), chamber music (if applicable), seminars, and master classes as wells as being conscientious regarding their individual program (on time, signs up for classes timely, etc.)  If you have questions about your eligibility, please discuss with Mr. Briskin or Mr. Krieger.  See the rest of the requirements on our website


Students sign-up at the beginning of the festival. They have to list their name instrument and piece they are playing along with contact info. Students must bring the piano scores to the Festival. The accompanist contacts the student to arrange  rehearsals. The first round is everyone who signed up. The 2nd round are the finalists.



Accompanists are assigned to the students for the concerto competition only. There is only one rehearsal with the accompanist – there are no other rehearsals available.



3-4 students are assigned to one practice room, depending on enrollment and space available, and need to work out a schedule for using the space.  Please do not use other practice rooms without the permission of the Practice Room Coordinator.  All students using those rooms must clean up and leave no personal belongings behind.  Please note that all pianos are rented and must be returned in pristine condition – DO NOT PUT ANYTHING ON THE PIANOS – this includes drinks, food, instrument cases, cell phones, notebooks, jackets, you name it don’t put it on the piano


If you are a boarding string student, it is suggested that you practice in your room when possible.  The day students have priority for practice rooms 10am-5pm, the boarding students have priority 5pm-10pm​. NO PRACTICING during the hours from 11pm to 8am.  There are other groups on the campus and need to be respectful of their sleep.



Please note that performance clothes are necessary for at least two (2) public performances.  Black outfits and other appropriate clothing are required for performances.  Please have some dressy outfits (women) and nice slacks, shirts, and ties (men) to wear for attending other concerts and special receptions.



If you are in a chamber group, you are responsible for knowing what you will be working on.  The Pianist for each group must get the entire score with all the parts to share with their group.  Some chamber music is available from the Summit Music Festival Music Library, however you will need to sign it out and a $10 deposit is required for each piece of music borrowed.  All students must bring the sheet music that is necessary for their private lessons.  String Players – must bring their own labeled stands, change of strings, rosin, etc. and other equipment needed for rehearsal and performance.  These items will not be provided for you.



All students are encouraged to attend as many of the performances offered as possible. We ask all students to wear appropriate attire when attending these events as we will have donors and board members there as well – no gym shorts, cutoffs, muscle t’s, crop tops, spaghetti straps, or t-shirts with inappropriate logos.   Summit Music Festival will be running some special fundraising events throughout the festival – please see the posters on campus and follow our website for more details.  Some of the receptions following the concerts require an extra fee.  If you wish to attend these, there will be opportunities to purchase tickets during the festival.



ALL Students (Board or Day)

  • No charge (concerts and lectures are included in your tuition). YOU MUST wear your SMF lanyard/ID card in order to be admitted to the ticketed concerts.  Without your SMF ID,  you will have to purchase a ticket.

Parents & Family Guests

  • if boarding on the campus, the regular concert ticket is free (please have your SMF ID card with you)
  • if NOT boarding on the campus – $10 for regular concerts (please have the student with you or provide the name at the ticket table)




  • $15 for special events
  • $25 for Benefit  (50% off)  

Parents & Family Guests

  • $15 for special events
  • $50 for Benefit