2018 ViolinViola Intensive Seminar


First WEEK ONLY 7/22 – 7/29/18


Tuition: $1,000                         Room & Board: $825


Led by Cyrus Forough


All participants must have two works of their choice to perform. Also bring scales and etude books. From Kreutzer to Paganini and Wieniawski.



Monday 7/23: all will perform one of their works and will receive coaching. Etude and scales will be assigned to be performed on Wednesday 7/25.

Tuesday 7/24: Perform 2nd work and will receive coaching. Discussion about études and scales and open to questions or additional assistance.

Wednesday 7/25: Technique day.  “It’s not your heart that plays your instrument. It’s your body. Your heart and brain make the music” All must perform the assigned etude/caprice and scales on this day. No repertoire.

Thursday 7/26: Perform the same work that was played on Monday.

Friday 7/27: Perform the same work that was played on Tuesday. Etude and caprices should be performed as well.



  • Daily 2- hour classes for a total of 5 sessions (Monday 7/23 through Friday 7/28) led by Cyrus Furough
  • Two 1-hour individual lessons with available teachers
  • Performance Opportunities —Solo Galas and Studio Concerts
  • Admission to all Concerts and other Special Events by distinguished faculty and guest artists.
  • Orchestra or large ensembles (depending on enrollment)
  • Eligible for Master Class Event (additional fee $100)
  • Chamber Music Program (additional fee $100)


Combine 1st WEEK VIOLIN/VIOLA SEMINAR with the Second & Third WEEKS VIOLIN/VIOLA WORKSHOP for Full THREE Week Program

Tuition: $2,400           Room & Board: $2,350


Note: Seminars are subject to enrollment




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