Audition Video Requirements:

Prepare a set of videos of 2 to 3 pieces of varying style/composer that are performance ready (Aaron Rosand Program: 1 Bach piece required). Please note that these videos are used for placement in certain programs and with certain teachers.
A well prepared solo piece is best. 

You may send in a recording of a performance but please be aware of the sound quality (listening is just as important as watching). 

Part I: 
Instrument, Last name, First name, Teacher *, Age, Gender
*Teacher – this should be the teacher who has referred you to Summit Music Festival

Instrument – Piano

Last name – Smith
First name – John
Teacher (last name only) – Williams
Age – 15
Gender -M

Piano, Smith, John, Williams, 15, M

Part II: 
For each video, put the number out of the total videos sent

This helps us keep track of your videos, that we have everything you sent.

For example, if you are sending 3 videos add the numbers to the label:
Piano, Smith, John, Williams, 15, M (1/3)
Piano, Smith, John, Williams, 15, M (2/3)
Piano, Smith, John, Williams, 15, M (3/3))

The Admissions committee needs this information associated with your video in order to make sure students are properly based – by level, by age, etc.