Since the graduation from Moscow Gnessin Academy of Music Anna has been invited to lead several string quartets as the first violin, also serving as a principal in the Orchestra of the St. Petersburg State Ballet on the Ice. She had toured Poland, France, Spain, Turkey and other countries. Later she played in several chamber groups and orchestras all over Russia. She was an invited musician at the St. Petersburg Academic Philharmonic.

At the same time she started her teaching experience as an instructor of violin and viola at music schools of St. Petersburg. She was also successful in teaching of chamber ensemble in the St. Petersburg Rimsky-Korsakov College of Music. Wherever she worked, her students successfully graduated from the schools and entered the conservatories. There are lots of students of her, winners of regional, national and international competitions. She has got several awards as the best teacher or instructor during all those years. Almost all of her former students made a professional career in music all over the world. She is happy to continue her teaching and performing career in the USA, serving as a director of string department at the Long Island Conservatory.

At the same time she performs at different concert venues in New York City and around.

She also serves as a Jury member in various local and international festivals and competitions in the USA and abroad.