Orientation and Student Info:

Check in for all students is Sunday July 25 anytime noon-5pm
Check out for all students is Sunday August 8 anytime 5am-11am
  • Students can expect to be in classes, orchestra, and chamber music (if signed up) every day.  Lessons are twice a week.  Other events will be announced on our SMF Forum.

If you need to arrive or depart outside of these times, please email Tessa ( or call the office (914) 292-0292 to make arrangements. 





Please make sure that the office has your contact information as well as the primary way to communicate with you while on campus (text, email, message apps).



This deposit covers the key to your room, the lock system to your room, the ID swipe card to the building and the cafeteria, and room damage. Please bring a check or money order made out to Summit Music Festival or USD cash. This deposit will be returned to you upon check out AFTER we have inspected your room (all trash removed) and all keys and ID swipe cards have been properly returned to us.

Upon check in, you will receive a key to your room and a swipe card which will open your dormitory building. There is a $100 charge for a lost or stolen key as well as a $100 charge to replace the lock system. There is a $25 charge for a lost or stolen meal ID swipe card, a $10 charge for a lost or stolen no meal ID swipe card. You will need to carry your ID swipe card and key with you at all times – you can attach them to the lanyards we will give you. You must hand deliver all keys and ID swipe cards to the Summit Music Festival office staff upon departure from the festival (do not leave them in your room!).

The Orientation meeting will be Sunday July 25 at 6:30pm

All students, parents, and staff are expected to attend this meeting. At the orientation meeting, you will get a chance to meet the Directors, Staff, and some of the faculty. You will learn how the Summit Music Festival operates and learn more about the activities. It gives you a chance to ask questions. 

Campus Map:


GENERAL INFORMATION For Boarding Students & Guests

Room assignments are made at the discretion of the Summit Music Festival based on capacity and supervisory requirements.

  • Each person will have a bed, mattress, desk, chair and either a dresser or a closet.
  • The dimensions of mattresses in both buildings are 80 X 38; standard twin sheets will fit, however, it is recommended that you buy extra long twin size sheets.
  • There are some air conditioners located in dormitory rooms that are not part of Summit Music Festival. Any student who moves one of these air conditioners into their room will be immediately sent home from the festival with no refund of tuition or room & board fees forthcoming. 



All students under 18 years old boarding on the campus must have a parent/guardian sign the TEMPORARY GUARDIAN Form and name Summit Music Festival as the temporary guardian. If the student is traveling with a teacher or parent who is also boarding, name the teacher or the parent as the temporary guardian. Teachers NOT BOARDING on the campus can not be a temporary guardian.



Your room will be assigned to a specific Summit Music Festival Resident Assistant. The Resident Assistant is there to help answer your questions and to solve any issues you have with the dormitory facilities. The Resident Assistant is also responsible for maintaining the order in the dorms and for enforcing all the Rules and Policies of Summit Music Festival and EF Academy. If the Resident Assistants, along with the Dormitory Supervisor, are unable to resolve an issue with you directly, then the Executive Director will need to get involved. The Resident Assistants must report all incidents to the Dormitory Supervisor as soon as possible.



The Summit Music Festival has a curfew of 11pm for all boarding students. All students under the age of 18 must be in their own rooms at this time. We also restrict practicing hours to 9am-10pm. Resident Assistants are required to enforce these rules. No practicing in empty rooms or lounge areas.



If you are a boarding string student, it is suggested that you practice in your room when possible. The day students have priority for practice rooms 10am-5pm, the boarding students have priority 5pm-10pm. NO PRACTICING during the overnight hours from 10pm to 9am. 



There is a laundry room in each residence hall available for your use.



You will be provided with a set of sheets, a pillow, pillow case, blanket, towel and washcloth. You are welcome to bring additional linens for your personal use. You will be able to exchange your set of linens for a clean set each week. Details provided at check in.



In the dormitory buildings there are two trash rooms located on each end of each floor. The ground floor has a one outdoor trash area. Students are responsible for bringing their own trash to the trash rooms. Students may not leave trash outside their doors; it must be brought to the trash rooms.


Please contact our office regarding any deliveries. 

Please do not mail anything for students to the Pleasantville address, this is a residence and mail is not forwarded.