SMF Festival Location: EF Academy

For our 34th season SMF will be held at the beautiful and spacious EF Academy campus located at 582 Columbus Avenue in Thornwood, NY 10594.

EF Academy Main Building

All SMF participants (Day & Boarding Students) will spend most of their time within the EF Academy Main Building, which includes the Music Studios, Classrooms spaces, Practice rooms, Performance Hall, Auxillary Room, Cafeteria, Outdoor Courtyard, Dormitories, Lounge areas, Laundry Facilities, SMF Registration desk and EF Academy’s Security Office.

Boarding Students

Boarding Students will be able to choose from single, double or triple occupancy dormitories – each with an en-suite bathroom.  All rooms are equipped with a bed, mattress, mattress encasement, desk, desk chair, desk lamp, end table, garbage can, underbed drawers, wardrobe closet with 5 clothes hangers and window shade covering. All dorm rooms have an independent in-room cooling system (air conditioning). Participants can bring their own toiletries.  See Participant Info/Boarding Students page for Frequently Asked Questions.

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Performance Opportunities

Participants will have multiple opportunities to perform during the festival.  Please come prepared with proper attire and be ready to perform.

The Famous Bulletin Board!

The favored communication method by Mr. Briskin and Mr. Krieger is the Bulletin Board! Participants must check the board EVERYDAY for important announcements or schedule changes.

Beautiful places to relax between classes!

Photo and Virtual credit:
EF Academy

Virtual campus experience