There are a few different ways you can help our festival:

1.) VOLUNTEER: You can help us with just a few minutes to a few hours a week or a month from your home, online during the calendar year or at the festival. Please email your expertise and how much time you can dedicate to our organization at [email protected]

2.) DONATION: You can donate online using the direct link below.

You can make a tax deductible contribution by check and send it to:

Summit Music Festival
270 Washington Ave.,
Pleasantville, NY 10570

3.) FUNDRAISING: If you have any fundraising experience and would like to help or work for our organization please email us at [email protected]

We invite you to contact us to explore any gift or volunteer possibilities. We will be pleased to schedule an appointment for confidential conversation. Please email us at: [email protected]

Summit Music Festival is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.