Jia Shi


Chinese Pianist Jia Shi is acknowledged as one of today’s evocative young artists in the Unites States as well as in China. Ms. Shi is raised in a musical family in Guangzhou, China, was strongly influenced by her grandfather,
Mingxin Shi, a renowned conductor. Ms. Shi was a winner of many competitions including the Sendai Piano Competition in Japan, the Kaiserburg Competition in China, the Horowitz Piano competition in Kiev, Ukraine, and the National Haiziman Piano Competition in China in 2005, where she won First Prize and an award for Best Performance. Ms.Shi was awarded several Scholarships for both her undergraduate and graduate studies.

Her well-rounded performing arts backgrounds includes six years of piano study under world renowned professor Zhihong Guo for her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing. In addition, Ms. Shi furthered her studies with World Pianist Alexander Korsantia, earned her second Master’s Degree in Piano Performance at New England Conservatory.

For the past over ten years, Ms. Shi has worked as a freelance piano coach for numerous musical establishments. Alongside other projects, Ms. Shi continues to coach students of all and stages to develop their confidence and
artistry. Many of her students go on to study at the major music conservatories and pursue their musical goals. Ms. Shi teaches at several Boston schools and at the New England Conservatory as well, as teaching assistant to Mr. Korsantia, her students are undergraduates and non-piano majors. She recently performed publicly with him at one of a concert series on Cape Cod featuring New England Conservatory performers. Ms. Shi is involved with aspects of concert production with the Boston Modern Orchestra. Ms. Shi is the Director of Global Outstanding Artists Association.

As the youngest judge, she participates in various competitions in China. Most recently she joins the faculty of the Concord Conservatory of Music, Summit festival in New York and the Board of the New England Piano Teacher’s Association, the Chair of Hamlet Davidson piano competition.