Arkady Aronov


Acclaimed by The New York Times as “a pianist of high caliber,” Russian pianist Arkady Aronov was one of the leading pianists in the Soviet Union before he came to the United States in 1977. The most prestigious Russian musical journal, “Soviet Music,” wrote about him: “Aronov is a universalist. He presents any music with equal clarity, expression and finality.

As a most accomplished pianist he is a welcome sight on any concert stage and should be ranked among the best pianists of our time.” Arkady Aronov gained a reputation throughout Russia as an outstanding interpreter of baroque, classical, romantic and contemporary music for the keyboard. He has a vast repertoire, including more than forty five complete recital programs and twenty four piano concerti. In addition to playing literally hundreds of recitals (over 1000), appearing as guest soloist with numerous orchestras and on radio and television throughout Russia’s major cities, he presented four historic series of twenty concerts, embracing the music of three centuries in the Leningrad Concert Hall. Arkady Aronov was the first to perform the music of leading contemporary Russian composers and many of them wrote some works in consideration of his artistic individuality. He also debuted some Western compositions in Russia; his performance of Aaron Copland’s Sonata won the praise of the composer, for whom Mr. Aronov gave a special performance in Leningrad. Dr. Aronov has written numerous scholarly works, including “Dynamics, Articulation and Tempi in Beethoven’s Piano Compositions,” and edited two collections of piano works by the Russian avant-garde. He was also the founder and editor of a series of volumes for students, “Contemporary Composers for Youth.” Arkady Aronov studied piano with the renowned Savshinsky at the Rimsky-Korsakov State Conservatory of Music in Leningrad. In 1960 he was appointed Professor of Piano at the same Conservatory and held the position until 1977. In 1977 Arkady Aronov emigrated to the United States where he has received unanimous critical acclaim for his appearances in major concert halls in New York. The distinguished member of the Piano Faculties at the Mannes College of Music since 1977 and Manhattan School of Music since 1984, he conducts two big piano studios. More than two hundred of his students from twenty five countries graduated the schools with Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degrees. Many of them won top prizes at various international and national piano competitions, successfully work at the prestigious music schools and universities both in United States and abroad. In addition to his full time positions in New York Dr. Aronov also conducts Piano Master Classes in USA, Italy, France, Spain, Russia, People Republic of China, India, Taiwan, The Philippines, Hong Kong.