Pavel Nersessian


Pavel Nersessian received the 1st Prize in the GPA Dublin International Piano Competition in 1991.One of the most remarkable pianists of his generation in Russia, Pavel Nersessian is known for his ability to play equally convincingly in the whole palette of the piano repertoire. He has won prizes in every piano competition he has entered, including the Beethoven Competition in Vienna in 1985, the Paloma O ’Shea Competition and the Tokyo Competition. Since his childhood he has always been in touch with the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory. He was a pupil of the famous Central Music School of the Conservatory, where his teacher was Yu Levin, and later he was a student of the Conservatory under Prof.S.Dorensky. He graduated from the Conservatory in 1987 and is a professor there now; he also frequently teaches in the USA, Ireland, and Germany.