Tamara Poddubnaya


Already acclaimed for her prodigious talent in her native Georgia in the Caucasus in her youth, Tamara Poddubnaya received her Doctorate in Piano Performance with Distinction in 1976. Her principal teachers were Irina Kugucheva and Boris Lysenko. She soon established herself as one of the most popular and charismatic keyboard artists and piano teachers. Renowned for her masterful command of a vast repertoire, she has performed to great acclaim in Europe, South Korea and the United States. In 2005 the Bulgarian Minister of Culture presented her The Golden Muse Award and the Saint Sofia Award for extraordinary achievements in arts and culture. In 2008, she received the coveted accolade, “Honored Artist”, awarded by the All-Russia Music Society, founded by legendary pianist Anton Rubinstein in 1859.

The “Lioness in the velvet gloves” and an “Artist with uncommon poetic talent” were the epithets used to describe Tamara Poddubnaya at one of her first performances in Italy. Her concerts continued to be frequented with standing ovations and multiple encores ever since. In one of the recent reviews of her concerts, Portland Press Herald critic wrote: “…I haven’t heard the Bach Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue (..) played that way since Rubinstein”.

Much sought after as a teacher, she frequently serves on juries at a number of international piano festivals and competitions in Russia, Netherlands, Great Britain, Bulgaria, Germany, Turkey, Israel, South Korea and the United States, where she brings her confidence, authority and vitality to her public recitals and master classes. She is currently employed as a Professor and Head of Piano Department at Long Island Conservatory of Music, NY.

In 1997 she set up Peter the Great Festival in Groningen together with Dr. Rineke Smilde. In 2004 Professor Poddubnaya co-founded the Portland Conservatory’s International Piano Festival and LISMA Foundation International Competition in New York, where she still serves as a chairperson of the competition. In 2007 she established the Music without Borders International Piano Festival at Gould Academy in Bethel, ME, a three-week festival to begin its 7th season in July 2014.